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Apologies if I’m conjuring up bad memories of your mum taking you to Clarks aged 7 to buy some “sensible” yet distressingly, unstylish shoes.  However, your feet really are worth looking after, and a little extra thought about footwear during the 30 plus degree heat will pay off in the long run.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, summer shoes, such as flip flops and light weight pumps are generally suboptimal as far as foot biomechanics go. Why? The reasons are many but here are just a few;

  • They don’t have much of a heel/they’re way too flat – this puts extra strain on your Achilles as most “proper” shoes have a bit of a heel
  • They’re bendy – as in you can fold them length ways too easily. This puts extra stress on your big toe joint in the final phase of walking and can make it very painful
  • No arch support – for some people, not all, this means the foot moves too much from side to side asking the muscles in the lower leg and plantar fascia to do far more than they’re used too
  • Very little cushioning – consequently when you strike the ground with your heel the fat pad that exists there naturally gets a bit of a shock