Initial Consultation

£80 – Victoria
£70 – Josh

45-60 minutes

If it is your first visit or a new injury, your appointment will start with a discussion followed by an assessment involving a variety of clinical tests to help determine a diagnosis. We’ll also begin treatment in this session and a plan will be made for any further appointments if necessary.
Should you need to be seen by another specialist or require further investigations such as imaging, løfte has excellent links with top clinicians in the area and will be able to refer you on to the right people.


£68 – Victoria
£55 – Josh

30-40 minutes 
This is a 30-40 minute session involving hands on treatment. This could be massage, trigger pointing, manipulation, acupuncture amongst other techniques. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis that has been made and how acute the problem is. Exercise is almost always prescribed to compliment and further the manual therapy you receive. Therefore, some time will be spent ensuring you are able to carryout the exercise plan correctly, so that you are confident and motivated to continue this in your own time.

Sports Massage with Anna

45 minutes – £45
60 minutes – £60